At ETL ELECTRIC you and your homes safety is our #1 concern! Remember to change your battery's in smoke detectors and check your fire extinguisher to make sure its in working order. Below we have listed some tips that everyone should follow. Electrical and fire safety should be on top of everyone list to keep you and your family safe though this New Year!!

Electrical Safety:

Inspect Lights and Decorations:

  • Before using holiday lights, inspect them for any signs of damage such as frayed wires, broken sockets, or loose connections. Discard damaged items.

Outdoor Decorations:

  • If using lights outdoors, ensure they are rated for outdoor use. Keep the connections off the ground and away from water sources.

Plug-in Safely:

  • Avoid overloading electrical outlets. Plug only a limited number of decorations into each outlet or use power strips with overload protection.

Turn Off When Not in Use:

  • Remember to turn off decorative lights and unplug them when you go to bed or leave the house. This not only conserves energy but also reduces the risk of electrical fires.

Use the Right Cords:

  • Choose extension cords that are appropriate for the intended use. Outdoor extension cords are designed to withstand weather conditions.

Space Heater Safety:

  • If using space heaters, ensure they have a safety certification. Keep them at least three feet away from combustible materials and never leave them unattended.

Unplug Unused Devices:

  • Unplug electronic devices that are not in use, especially those with charging cables. This prevents unnecessary energy consumption and reduces fire risks.

Regular Inspections:

  • Periodically check the condition of your home's wiring. If you notice any issues like flickering lights or tripped circuit breakers, consult with a licensed electrician.

Fire Safety:

Smoke Detectors:

  • Install smoke detectors in key areas of your home, and test them monthly to ensure they are functioning properly. Change the batteries at least once a year.

Fire Extinguishers:

  • Keep fire extinguishers in easily accessible areas, such as the kitchen. Know how to use them, and ensure they are regularly inspected and charged.

Create an Escape Plan:

  • Develop a fire escape plan with your family. Practice it regularly, including different scenarios and routes. Designate a meeting point outside.

Keep Clear Exit Paths:

  • Ensure that doors and windows can be easily opened, and that escape paths are free from obstructions. Practice keeping these areas clutter-free.

Candle Safety:

  • If using candles, keep them in sturdy holders on a flat surface, away from flammable materials. Consider using flameless LED candles for a safer alternative.

Kitchen Safety:

  • Never leave cooking unattended, especially if you are using the stove or oven. Keep flammable items away from cooking appliances.

Heating Appliance Safety:

  • If you're using a fireplace, ensure it's clean and has a proper screen or glass door to prevent sparks. Dispose of ashes in a metal container and keep it away from the house.

Educate Family Members:

  • Teach all family members about fire safety, including the proper use of appliances and the importance of promptly reporting any electrical issues.

By following these detailed electrical and fire safety tips, you can help ensure a safer and more enjoyable New Year celebration in your home.